The Book

The Today’s Owner Builder book is a guide that will provide you with an understanding of the roles and responsibilities of carrying out building work and the legislative requirements for residential construction work in Australia.  It will provide you with a tool that can be used to assist in the construction of your home so that the process runs smoothly, on schedule, within budget and complies with relevant building regulations.

The information in the guide will give you an insight into the process of constructing a residential house or an addition to an existing house from the application for approval stage to the completion of the project.

You will gain the knowledge of how to prepare a cost estimate and a construction schedule along with some technical requirements of various construction methods and building regulation.  You will also gain an understanding of the sequence of events required to carry out the construction of a house from commencement to completion.

  • Focus on your legislative responsibilities as an owner builder.
  • Focus on the minimum building standards required.
  • Provide examples of how to apply the relevant building standards.
  • Provide examples of estimating work sheets and work schedules.
  • Teach you techniques on how to co-ordinate trades and deal with trade contractors.
  • Outline tips that will ensure your project is successfully completed on schedule and within your budget.

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About the Author

Born in Sydney in 1956, Mark commenced his career in 1973 as an apprentice carpenter and joiner and when qualified, worked in the residential home improvement industry. He moved to Perth, Western Australia in 1982 where, for approximately 6 years, he owned his own company in the home improvement industry whilst successfully completing studies to obtain a Builders Registration Certificate. He then worked for one of Western Australia’s largest home building companies as a building construction supervisor.

After the downturn in the WA construction industry in 1989 Mark obtained a contract with the Commonwealth Government to develop and implement a building upgrade program on Christmas Island. The scope of work for the program was to upgrade all buildings to comply with current Australian Standards and to use on-Island labour where possible. Therefore, one of his responsibilities was to develop a series of training courses in various trade building areas.

After the program was successfully implemented, Mark returned to Perth in 1991 where he commenced working in local government as a Building Surveyor. He spent 13 years inspecting building work, assessing plans and issuing approvals for all types of buildings from residential houses through to large commercial buildings including hospitals and shopping centres.

In 2004 Mark was seconded by the Western Australian state government to assist in the development of a new Building Act and regulations for WA.  As a Senior Technical Officer, he worked in the building codes and standards area and was involved in the development and implementation of National building regulations as a representative of the WA state government on the National Building Codes Committee. He has also developed and written several pieces of State legislation for the WA Government and has sat on various other committees and working groups.

Mark is an accomplished public speaker and has presented numerous technical papers at building conferences and seminars throughout Western Australia and delivered various training courses. During 2008-2012 Mark also held a position as a part time lecturer in building studies at the Central Institute of Technology in Perth. During this time he wrote several learning resources and text books for student studies. He has formal qualifications in building construction, building surveying and fire safety engineering and currently holds a Certificate of Registration as a Level 1 (unrestricted) Building Surveyor.

In 2012 Mark commenced Today’s Building Services, later to become a Pty Ltd company, which is a registered private Building Surveying and Consulting practice.  Today’s Building Services Pty Ltd provides the following services:

  • Certification of building plans and documentation for all classes of building,
  • Issue of compliance certificates for proposed new work and existing unauthorised work,
  • Advice on building regulation and standards,
  • Inspections of building under construction and existing buildings,
  • Education and training.

If you would like more information on any of the above services please visit the Today’s Building Services Pty Ltd website at or send us an email

Mark has lived in northern beaches in Perth since 1984 (apart from his time on Christmas Island) where he and his wife Denise have brought up two beautiful children, their son Peter and daughter Natasha.